Friday, July 11, 2008

sweet sweet recovery

recovery from the surgery is going well and has consisted of sleeping, puttering, sitting outside and reading, taking percocet, napping, percocet, napping, percocet, napping, showing off the new chiseled abs (what? didn't you know that removing the kidney resulted in toned abs and a smaller waistline?)

bone scan from yesterday is clear. yay!

and last night, as i predicted, dave enjoyed a nice, large, glass of wine...and a percocet.


Melissa said...

As long as there is wine being drunk, we can all rest easy that the worst is behind him! Hooray!

Laurie said...

So delighted to chat a bit with Dave tonight while he and Trudi were enjoying a glass of vino and watching the sunset; exactly as it should be. Doug and I raised a glass to the two of them and know that only good news will come from here on out.