Wednesday, July 9, 2008

good thing the surgeon has small hands.

the kidney is out! whoohoo! good riddance, dumb kidney.

the surgery went well. he was out of recovery around 9 last night and was hooked up with a happy little button for pain medication.

Also, the results of the PET scan looked good. (PET scan finds soft tissue 'lesions' that the CAT scan doesn't). It looks like the the shoulder lesion (tumor) is the only one they are finding....aside from the ugly kidney that is now history.

He will be at swedish tonight, and comes home tomorrow. and as soon as liquids are allowed into his mouth, i assume wine will be consumed.

Thanks for all the love!


Tom said...

This is good news. Take it easy on that wine! (But not too easy - life without wine is like a revolution without dancing.)

Susan said...

I was wondering if you can still do the duck talk with only one kidney? (Tee hee) love, Elliott