Thursday, July 10, 2008

jello options: red or orange

dave is doing very well this morning and is all disconnected from various IV's and cords and.... is coming home this afternoon! yippy!!!

highlights from yesterday:

he had a exotic lunch of orange jello and chicken broth.

he walked a loop and almost, ALMOST walked it with one butt cheek fully exposed. Luckily for everyone Trudi adjusted the gown. we wouldn't want the ladies on floor 11 going into cardiac arrest.

Dr. Kaplan, the oncologist, stopped by with great news. He thinks this might be a unique type of kidney cancer that only spreads to one spot (that would be his shoulder) and if that is the case, he might not need additional treatment after the lesions are removed.

this is when we all high five.

so he plans on going to the office on monday....everyone should be nice and not punch him in the side....or just stick to the left side.

in 3 days we get the pathology report on the kidney and we will know more about it's favorite color, what it likes for breakfast, what planet it came from, etc.

and then he has another MRI in two weeks.

so for now, everything looks great!

thank you to everyone who has been sending positive energy his way!

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doug said...

When Dave arrives at his office Monday and reads the July 11th edition of Puget Sound Business Journal, page 18, he will see that his advertising agency, Dave Syferd & Partners, is ranked #9, up from last year's #11. Congratulations, Dave!