Tuesday, July 22, 2008

huff and puff cancer, it won't get you anywhere with this pig

the shoulder tumor will be removed today at 2:30. it will be an outpatient surgery and they are going to use pig skin to cover the surgery rather than stitches...which apparently reduces the recovery time.

i can't resist.

dave the pigman. swine shoulder. bacon arm. ham hock. porkman. mr. hog syferd. tonight we are serving bacon wrapped dave with a lovely balsamic reduction. this lil piggy went to the market, this lil piggy went in dave's arm....

th th th th th th th th th th th th th th that's all folks. (for now)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


all the post operation tests came back yesterday afternoon.....and.......drum roll.....everything looks CLEAR!!!!!

this is great news and we are busy right now doing backflips, handstands, cartwheels, and happy dances.

the next step is to remove the tumor in the shoulder and that will probably happen in august.

so watch out sun valley, dave is going to be in town....with one kidney and lovin life.

p.s. we love everyone!
p.p.s dave should give any left over percocet to his daughter. tehehe?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

blog comments

to comment on a blog, click where it says "comments" at the bottom of the blog (it is in orange type...or blue). write something clever, witty and/or encouraging under where it reads "leave your comment". then click "publish your comment".

i have demonstrated on the last blog.


clean as a vacation home fridge

pathology report: typical kidney cancer. kidney had cancer cells in the blood vessels. dave will have an MRI tomorrow to check the cavity. let's all cross our fingers and hope that the cavity is as clean and empty as a port-o-potty. or an indian restaurant. or a conch shell.

if, for some reason, they see something they don't like tomorrow, they will start immunotherapy (i'm sorry but i have no idea how to spell that) asap. If they see nothing but a conch shell..er...i mean a clean empty cavity, they will do nothing...except smile, chest bump, high five, keg stand, and yeehaw.

the shoulder tumor will be removed soon...probably early august.

he will be going in every 6 weeks for blood work and every 3 months for CAT scans.

the percocet weaning process is almost complete...so now it is percocet, wine, wine, wine, nap, wine, wine, wine, percocet, sleep.

Friday, July 11, 2008

sweet sweet recovery

recovery from the surgery is going well and has consisted of sleeping, puttering, sitting outside and reading, taking percocet, napping, percocet, napping, percocet, napping, showing off the new chiseled abs (what? didn't you know that removing the kidney resulted in toned abs and a smaller waistline?)

bone scan from yesterday is clear. yay!

and last night, as i predicted, dave enjoyed a nice, large, glass of wine...and a percocet.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

jello options: red or orange

dave is doing very well this morning and is all disconnected from various IV's and cords and.... is coming home this afternoon! yippy!!!

highlights from yesterday:

he had a exotic lunch of orange jello and chicken broth.

he walked a loop and almost, ALMOST walked it with one butt cheek fully exposed. Luckily for everyone Trudi adjusted the gown. we wouldn't want the ladies on floor 11 going into cardiac arrest.

Dr. Kaplan, the oncologist, stopped by with great news. He thinks this might be a unique type of kidney cancer that only spreads to one spot (that would be his shoulder) and if that is the case, he might not need additional treatment after the lesions are removed.

this is when we all high five.

so he plans on going to the office on monday....everyone should be nice and not punch him in the side....or just stick to the left side.

in 3 days we get the pathology report on the kidney and we will know more about it....like it's favorite color, what it likes for breakfast, what planet it came from, etc.

and then he has another MRI in two weeks.

so for now, everything looks great!

thank you to everyone who has been sending positive energy his way!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

good thing the surgeon has small hands.

the kidney is out! whoohoo! good riddance, dumb kidney.

the surgery went well. he was out of recovery around 9 last night and was hooked up with a happy little button for pain medication.

Also, the results of the PET scan looked good. (PET scan finds soft tissue 'lesions' that the CAT scan doesn't). It looks like the the shoulder lesion (tumor) is the only one they are finding....aside from the ugly kidney that is now history.

He will be at swedish tonight, and comes home tomorrow. and as soon as liquids are allowed into his mouth, i assume wine will be consumed.

Thanks for all the love!