Tuesday, July 15, 2008

clean as a vacation home fridge

pathology report: typical kidney cancer. kidney had cancer cells in the blood vessels. dave will have an MRI tomorrow to check the cavity. let's all cross our fingers and hope that the cavity is as clean and empty as a port-o-potty. or an indian restaurant. or a conch shell.

if, for some reason, they see something they don't like tomorrow, they will start immunotherapy (i'm sorry but i have no idea how to spell that) asap. If they see nothing but a conch shell..er...i mean a clean empty cavity, they will do nothing...except smile, chest bump, high five, keg stand, and yeehaw.

the shoulder tumor will be removed soon...probably early august.

he will be going in every 6 weeks for blood work and every 3 months for CAT scans.

the percocet weaning process is almost complete...so now it is percocet, wine, wine, wine, nap, wine, wine, wine, percocet, sleep.


dreaming and breathing said...

you are awesome and i love you.



Laurie said...

Love your updates, Dana - thanks! So, fingers, toes and everything else crossed that they hear the sound of the ocean!
Sending lots of love and hugs,
P.S. you're a better speller than you thought!