Monday, April 27, 2009

still clear!

I don't know if anyone still checks this. but just in case....

Dave had another set of scans last week and they were all clear....he was also checked in January and will go in again in July.

We are so relieved and overjoyed. to celebrate, Dave mowed the lawn.

but really, my Mom thinks it was her friends that prayed for him, I am sure my dad thinks it was his supreme health and good doctors, but I think it was the herbs, juices, tonics and vitamins that I forced him to take.....that he stopped taking after 3 days.....because his kidney (the one that was removed soon after) started hurting....see? take that cancer kidney!! bet those super magical herbs hurt! pow! I think they created a forcefield around his other organs.....thus the reason he is still here today....mowing the lawn and such.

but, I am sure it was a combo. all the prayers, Dave's super in-shape body, kick-ass doctors, and Dana's herbal tonics.

Monday, November 3, 2008

post radiation scans

were all...........


he goes back for more scans in January. and will continue to be checked every few months.

i told you he would kick cancer's ass.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the good news post

Dave finished the 25 sessions of radiation last Friday.... so right now he is considered "cancer free."

this is very exciting. we call this "good news".

to celebrate, Trudi and Dave are going to Hawaii to sit on a beach (in the shade) and NOT go in the ocean (shoulder is still healing...and is as ugly as a cancerous legion, removed, covered with pig skin, and blasted with radiation)....there will however be pina colada's, mai tais, sex on the beach (the drink! the drink!...ew....) paca lo lo, etc.

so the next step is to have a bone and ct scan later this month after the effects of the radiation are gone and he is back from Hawaii.

they could put him on preventative drugs, but they don't know for sure what they'd be preventing since there's nothing showing up, and they're very costly and aren't covered by insurance.

If nothing else shows up, then he will just go back every couple of months or so to get more scans and checkups.

YAY! whoohooo! yippy!

Monday, August 25, 2008


is the pig joke old? i promise i will let it go now. on to more radiation/mutant jokes.

just a few more weeks to go

radiation started last week. so 5 days a week dave goes in and turns a little more into a superhero. or a mutant. like Xmen. he will be pigman and his powers will be turning ordinary food into tasty bacon wrapped food.

so monday through friday he goes in and it takes about 15 minutes. he feels fine. no side effects so far. but he has this weird curly tail. it is kind of that disturbing kind of way.


more soon.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


the pig skin is still in the arm and it is healing well. (i just got a sudden craving for pork rinds)

the pathology report came back from the shoulder and it looks like they are going to start radiation on August 14th. It is precision radiation for about 60 secs to his shoulder and he will have it 5 days a week for 5 weeks.

don't worry...he won't lose any of his thick, wavy, full head of hair. he will however glow in the dark and he might grow an extra limb.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

huff and puff cancer, it won't get you anywhere with this pig

the shoulder tumor will be removed today at 2:30. it will be an outpatient surgery and they are going to use pig skin to cover the surgery rather than stitches...which apparently reduces the recovery time.

i can't resist.

dave the pigman. swine shoulder. bacon arm. ham hock. porkman. mr. hog syferd. tonight we are serving bacon wrapped dave with a lovely balsamic reduction. this lil piggy went to the market, this lil piggy went in dave's arm....

th th th th th th th th th th th th th th that's all folks. (for now)